Dextrous, vital, cheeky. Virtuosic. The chalk tracks were a marvel, and are still imprinted on my memory. –Fiona McGregor, audience member

© Mark Metcalfe


Exhilarating, creative, exciting… I had a big smile on my face and my heart in my mouth during the whole performance. –Kathy Blanter, audience member

DEMO parachutes into the middle of the city with a team of champion skaters, BMXers, parkourists and dancers. DEMO is tightly choreographed within a compact set up of portable ramps placed onto an iconic city site.

It creates a colossal 3D space in which vertical and horizontal planes are continually traversed. With ramps launching bikes high into the air and bodies in motion drawing lines and impossible arcs, they pierce the space leaving visual traces in their wake.

The lines of the performers are visually enhanced by the use of temporary markings in the air, lines on the ground, and the use of theatrical special effects smoke, evoke fragile images that blow away in the wind. The performers’ freakish skills pit the speed of wheels vs. the vulnerability of bodies on foot.

Dynamic, daring, delicious… I liked the parkour moves as they overlap and leap over the other skater and BMX performers, adds a level of tension and surprise. You could spend 30 minutes on Instagram looking at shit or you can spend 30 minutes immersed in 100% live awesomeness right in front of you. Which pill will you take? –Toby Grime, audience member

© Mark Metcalfe

This portable and touring set liberates the company from existing skateparks and from compromising choreography to fit other urban spaces.

© Adam Scarf

DEMO was commissioned by the City of Sydney for their Art & About program 2019, supported by a Major Festivals Initiative Development Grant and Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre. Produced by Intimate Spectacle.