Branch Nebula 2018 Program support material

Images and video


1. Snake Sessions

Present at APAM – NSW tour – International tour

A piece of experimental/ contemporary dance using non dancers and dancers just appearing in a skate park was pretty special… It was a privilege to have witnessed it in three different locations.
– Steve Mayhew, Country Arts SA

You guys should know how much of an impact you had on my boys and the skatepark. Thankyou for an amazing experience, it was awesome!  I hope you all keep inspiring kids and give more and more of them a chance to express themselves and be free – The world needs more people like you guys.
– Parent of Frankie in Whyalla, SA

SNAKE SESSIONS allowed for participation, engagement and development for local and regional youth and offered a unique and accessible entry point for people engaging with the performing arts for the very first time. The work was absolutely outstanding and delivers as pure community engagement of the highest quality … and it was our first real outreach project. Keep delivering this strongly impactful work!
– Guy Boyce, General Manager, Mandurah Performing Arts Centre 

Nowra skate park opening night edit – 3.30 min.


Being involved in Snake Sessions challenged me in lots of ways – but by the end of the week having worked with the crew and then seeing so many people, families – young and old – at our skate park for the show really changed my perceptions and ideas about how we (as skaters) can engage with the community and liven up the space.
– Participant, John, in Bordertown

Dubbo skate park documentary – 4 min.


2. Feast

Development and Presentation – Branch Nebula and Milk Crate Theatre co-production



First Times_web-1164

Creative development showing – 5:40 min

3. s.l.o.a.p. (space left over after planning)


Hong Kong Season

Helsinki Season

8. Skin

Build and final development


One of Helen Pynor’s frog slide shows for projection on a screen rigged above the audience


Peeling skin prosthetics


Images of creative development showing Jan 2017

BranchNebula Skin-200LR