Branch Nebula 2018 program acquittal support material

High Performance Packing Tape

Development and premiere season at Liveworks Festival October 2018.

For a company committed to explorations of the nature of work and of play as art, High Performance Packing Tape represents a superb synthesis of these preoccupations and the apotheosis to date of Branch Nebula’s creativity.

– Keith Gallasch, Realtime, 14 November 2018

The show was absolutely AMAZING – CAPS lock shouting totally necessary. Really – you and Mirabelle and collaborators have made something truly astonishing, terrifying and profound! And Phil’s sound was everything sound in performance should be, perfectly magnifying moments and utterly essential!

– Gail Priest, Social media comment

Snake Sessions

Presented in Brisbane at APAM and NSW tour to Griffith and Wagga Wagga

For Wagga Wagga Council, Snake Sessions showed that arts and skating/BMX/parkour activities can come together to create something fantastic. Most would not have realised that they were engaging in the arts until they were well into it. Long-term engagement is really important to a regional area, to create that trust. Snake Sessions did that, and many of youngsters were star struck.

– Wagga Wagga Council

In Griffith, The Tirkandi group really enjoyed the sessions and reported that they helped the group of boys to ‘gel’ as a group, and start working together. There was a lot of interaction at the skate park after school during the week. A number of older skaters – some of them also fairly marginalised – got involved and obviously got positive reinforcement from engaging with the artists. They turned up on Saturday and were really keen to help Griffith Regional Theatre out on the day of the performance – setting up for the youth bands who were playing – essentially hosting and showing positive ‘ownership’ of the park. The best thing was the diversity of the crowd and people in the skate park. Lots of Aboriginal youth and families, and families from diverse cultural groups, and low socio-economic families were all there enjoying and joining in the activities – as they rarely if ever attend ‘formal’ theatre events.

– Griffith Regional Theatre


Development and presentations at MCA and Darlinghurst Theatre


Keir Choreographic Awards 2-wk development and presentation at Dancehouse Melbourne

Branch Nebula use us, the bodies in the room, to fill the room with chaos. And it is chaos. It quickly becomes apparent that we all have different instructions and for 10 minutes those instructions unleash noise and movement all over.

– Robert Reid, Witness.Performance.Discussion.Community