To The Poziblers

Dear Pozible campaign supporters,



Chile Concrete And Bone Sessions is done and dusted and was a truly phenomenal experience.
Thank you for making it a reality. We would like to share the tough and the rough and joys of the Chilean chapter of Concrete And Bone Sessions with you. Getting the show ready in the Parque De Los Reyes in time for opening night was an extremely challenging task.

Michael Steingraber
The challenges started even before we got on the plane from Sydney to Santiago. Our flight was delayed by one whole day, because it got hit by ‘debris from out of space’! This is no joke, imagine all of us at the airport excited and nervous to get this next stage of the show underway, and a LAN Chile ground staff person with clipboard comes our way with this news. It was like ‘The dog ate my homework’. That was one day of our precious remount time gone in a flash of a second.

Double Jump, Roland Chlouk and Danny Campbell





On arrival we immediately went for a site visit to check out the skate park, which was really great. We loved the lay-out and all the connecting bowls. Santiago summertime temperatures are comparable to Sydney, with the main difference that it doesn’t rain for months. The concrete in the skate park reached temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius and the surface was very dusty and slippery. For our wheels people it took some time getting used to and mastering the new park with its challenging conditions. For the feet people the hot concrete was no fun to roll around on.

Antek Marciniec and Gabrielle Nankivel jumping the rail
The park was also very busy with local users, so it was a hard negotiation to get some exclusive use in there. The Santiago A Mill festival ended up having to put up fences and hire security guards for us to be able to re-choreograph the show. We arrived at a compromise in which we closed the park for two three-hour blocks each day. Over the short time we had in Chile we were able to build a deep and respectful relationship with the local skaters and community. We got to know many of the amazing local talent and they ended up working with us as volunteers to manage and organise the community for their part of the show: showing off their skills while the audience arrives.




The Parque De Los Reyes was buzzing every night before the show which created a great vibe! We had great audiences of between 600 and 700 people every night. Check out the crowd in below pic, and check out Gabrielle diving into the bowl while you’re at it.

big crowds at Parque De Los Reyes

So Thank you all again
for being part of the
Chile Concrete And Bone
Sessions Experience.