Sweat – 2010

© Heidrun Löhr

the smiling ceremonial quality of the rebellion is so disarming and so cleverly worked in with our own understandings of theatre etiquette that the audience victims are left laughing rather than humiliated.
– Carl Nilsson-Polias, RealTime

Sweat is a darkly humorous performance which takes its audience into the world of those who do the dirty work.

Combining popular movement forms to create a unique audience experience, dance, parkour, Bboying, acrobatics, martial arts and football merge in a choreographic score that shifts through and around the audience. Performing live, Japanese “Noisician” Hirofumi Uchino drives the action with a taut and dynamic electronic noise-scape.

Sweat explores the power dynamics between those who serve and those who are served. It focuses on workers within the service industry and the intimate role they play in our lives whilst remaining totally anonymous, raising questions of power, class and race within our contemporary society.

Branch nebula’s sweat wittily and forcefully disorients our sense of what it means to be an audience.
– Keith Gallasch, RealTime