Branch Nebula use us, the bodies in the room, to fill the room with chaos. And it is chaos. […] In this kind of space people let their guard down. They stop performing for each other and focus instead on completing the task at hand. Conventional norms around social interaction between strangers loosen. –Robert Reid, Witness, March 8, 2018
© Greg Lorenzutti

Stop-Go was Branch Nebula’s entry in the Keir Choreographic Awards finals of 2018.

Stop-Go opens Branch Nebula’s choreographic toolkit for public inspection and use. Any performance is, in essence, just one thing after another and the order in which these things happen is infinitely malleable. Artists have some expertise in choosing the things and assembling the sequence, and audiences have a right to expect this expertise to be on display when attending the theatre. Stop-Go respects this implicit contract and provides the audience with everything they need to create a satisfying night, including: tension and resolution; high stakes; complex movement, and engaging personas. And while the human will be foregrounded throughout the performance, there will also be technologies never before seen on stage.