Shooting The Whelping Box Film


Branch Nebula is in residence at the moment in the beautiful Bundanon to start our long anticipated shoot of the Whelping Box film. Together with Matt Prest, Clare Britton, Denis Beaubois, Alexis De Stoop, and Jack Prest we’re about to start filming on Good Friday.

So far we’ve been filling our days with site visits, test shoots, endless conversations, and good food accompanied by beer or wine.

We managed to secure an amazing old estate as a location. Linburn House on the Princes Highway just before it enters Nowra. It’s empty and quite rundown. Its current inhabitants are some baby chicks, soon to be joined by Matt and Lee.

We’re also filming some scenes in the beautiful bush surrounding Bundanon. Matt has been guiding Lee blindfolded through the foliage and making him run without hitting trees. Who would have though that pulling a stack of plastic beige chairs on a rope through bushland is completely awesome.

Last night we tried to capture the lunar eclipse, but the sky was completely overcast, so no luck there. The light in the sky was beautiful and we watched the sunset over an amazing view of the Shoalhaven river. No lunar eclipse, but a double rainbow appeared instead.