Plaza Real – 2004

© Heidrun Löhr

Confrontation develops into an anarchic, whirling chase around the performing space that is no doubt as tightly choreographed as it appears to be raw and wild.
– Jill Sykes, The Sydney Morning Herald,October 2-3, 2004

Human traffic negotiates super bright lights, shiny surfaces and booming noise. In the shopping plaza, bodies clash in shifting scenarios within a theatre of everyday reality.

Plaza Real is a physical theatre work investigating diversity, ethnicity and cultural resistance within the heart of a corporate-owned public space. The absence of a community-controlled village square leaves the shopping plaza as the last social space – the ultimate urban entertainment destination. It is here that an emerging ethnic intermixture fiercely competes for self-representation.

The performers have a vitality that is intensely raw and physical. Idiosyncratic movement intersects with do-or-die recklessness.