About Branch Nebula


There are many lines you can follow in Branch Nebula’s work over the past 20 years. There’s the way they work the body – the special things it can do, the training regimes it can submit to, its cracks and flaws. There are the spaces this body can inhabit and be seen – stages, plazas, parks, and faux plazas and parks on stages. And there is the audience: what it wants from these bodies and spaces. And running through all the work is a passion for the vulnerable and the marginal. –John Baylis, Branch Nebula: Seeking Flow, 2019

Branch Nebula works at the nexus of performance, dance, sport and street-style art. We take audiences into the extreme creativity of urban landscapes, immersing them in real experiences.

Our work questions perceptions of diversity, creativity, cultural hegemonies and social norms, cutting new ground in audience and community engagement.

Branch Nebula is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW.