High Performance Packing Tape


High Performance Packing Tape© Tristan Still

Premieres October 24-27, 2018

Commissioned by Performance Space for Liveworks 2018

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In High Performance Packing Tape, celebrated Australian company Branch Nebula employs readymade materials—stationery and disposable hardware items—to place performer Lee Wilson in a series of mind-bending planes and predicaments.

Climbing towers made out of items that will inevitably collapse, suspending the body in the air from materials that stretch and then snap, and balancing precariously on structures made out of things designed to decorate a party, High Performance Packing Tape invites the viewer to experience edge of the seat madness.

The tension of cheap materials pushed to breaking point, inevitable equipment failure, and imminent physical demise lead to horrific scenarios. Safety and wellbeing are de-prioritised in new and liberating ways.

High Performance Packing Tape faces fear, self preservation and risk management to create enthralling new possibilities for physical performance.

© Tristan Still



High Performance Packing Tape was commissioned by Performance Space for the Liveworks 2018 festival. Produced by Intimate Spectacle.