You could spend 30 minutes on Instagram looking at shit or you can spend 30 minutes immersed in 100% live awesomeness right in front of you. Which pill will you take?


–Toby Grime, DEMO audience member Art and About season, November 2019

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Recent work

“metal … magnets … suits of scrap metal armour … rat traps … full on fender feedback … catapults … ah that catapult was so exciting and the sound all swirling and booming and take a big breath – now distort and amplify”


–Gail Sims, CRUSH audience member Sydney Opera House season, November 2020



This is quintessential “poor theatre” using an absolute economy of means to create tension. The effectiveness of the set-up is hidden in plain sight until the very end, when the tension is finally released and the audience erupts in applause. Highly satisfying.


Jana Perkovic, High Performance Packing Tape review, The Age, October 3, 2019