Branch Nebula’s aesthetic draws its dynamism from its passionate engagement with street culture and its intelligence from a discriminating awareness of movements in the contemporary arts.
Refined art-making is everywhere, if you know how to look. We champion the exquisite skills of the skater as we do the fluid movement of the contemporary dancer, and we build our work with both.

Recent work

“This is site-specificity of the most immediate kind, a visceral connection to a place of play, not its social role or its history, in a display of what is often regarded as fun but here as art without losing the integrity of its popular foundations.”


– Keith Gallash in RealTime Art Magazine –


“In its celebration of masculine physicality, Whelping Box breathtakingly delineates the pleasures, pain and contradictions of play, initiation, bonding, competition, risk and selfmythologising.”


– Keith Gallash in RealTime Art Magazine –